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Friday, July 13, 2012

Bigotry of ReaganiteRepublican

ReaganiteRepublican honors the above individual with the title "Patriot of the Year".  How he/she justifies that is beyond me but so be it. The blog has a long history of degrading the President with cheap shots and jabs, debunked talking points, and photo shopped images but oh well, it's their blog.

But are blogs like these attacking the President because of his policies, the state of the Union, or political issues or is there some deeper hatred they can't seem to admit to? ReaganiteRepublican wants to pretend that it's politics but after visiting there, I found out differently.

Someone commented with  "there were two fingers. One for you. And one for your 'wife'". The moderator came back with "EXACTLY" in caps. I couldn't get an explanation of how it's patriotic to flip off the First Lady. She doesn't set policy, sign legislation, or even vote in the legislation process. But, the response was  "EXACTLY" correct that it was meant for her, as if the one commenting caught something that the others missed, or some meaning that flew over the other's heads. If one wants to assigned some award for patriotism for saying "screw you" for the way they're running our government" or "the harmful policies they're implementing" or "what they're doing to our country", I can at least understand their argument. But obviously, or perhaps "exactly", that wasn't the argument at all. The moderator never had the courage to address it. 

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